Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New Review! Warnings and Wildfires by Autumn Jones Lake 4 Cranky Stars

Warnings & WildfiresWarnings & Wildfires by Autumn Jones Lake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

First I want to say I’m still trying to make sense of this title and how it pertains to the book. With that said I really enjoyed the story of Aubrey and Sullivan. They were explosive. Sully is the alpha hero we all need.

Aubrey has a had a tragic teenage romance. It has left her scared and shying away from fully committing to anyone for fear he will come back. She lives with her sister and works part time and goes to school. She wants to do so much for the sister who gave her a new lease on life. When she takes self defense lessons she becomes enamored with the hunky Sully. Suddenly she finds herself with a second job at Sullys gym trying to go by his no fraternizing with the employees. If only it was that easy when hearts are involved?

Sullivan has carved a good life out for himself. He has endured a very rough childhood. He wants to leave all that in the past because it’s not who he truly is. He teaches self defense classes and really has his sights on Aubrey. His no fraternizing rule is starting to really seem pretty stupid. He finds himself getting closer to her and opening up to her telling her things he hasn’t told others. When her past comes to collide with their present he will do anything to protect the woman he loves.

I know this book might seem like girl with dark past and boy with a past come together typical romance but it has many layers to the story. So many people at play that it gives it some depth. It’s not just thinking of themselves, but the families involved. I get that there was another series that these are a spin off from but it didn’t detract from the story. I hope maybe we can get a Celia and Jake story. That would be fun and probably make the kindle catch fire with their chemistry.

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