Thursday, July 5, 2018

New Review! My Lullaby of You by Alia Rose 3.5 Cranky Stars

My Lullaby of YouMy Lullaby of You by Alia Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Cranky Stars

Amy just graduated high school and is spending one more summer in her hometown before she moves onto college in her father’s city of Chicago. Her mother is angry with her that she is going out of state and regresses back into her depression. Amy just tries to spend as much as time as she can at the beach soaking up the rays and being a lifeguard. She didn’t expect Seth to push his way into her life little by little.

Seth is a musician. He comes to town looking for answers about his mother’s death and seeking his father out. When he confronts him, things don’t go well but he now holds a key to a house that may provide all the answers he needs. He finds himself torn between soaking up all the memories of his mom and sitting on a beach with Amy learning all he can about her.

First this story had so much potential. It started slow and seriously for me it didn’t get interesting till the end. There wasn’t even a build up like there was no rhyme or reason why Amy made the decisions she did. Seth and Amy do have a common factor linking them though so there is some mystery there. I hope that there might be a second book to explain things further. I like that Seth wasn’t a typical rock n roll kind of rockstar. He played Jazz and I guess he’s more like a John Mayer type.

Amy as a character just fell flat for me. Also, what is up with all the smoothies? They drank a lot of them in that town. Must have been one heck of a smoothie!! Anyway, I liked it but for me it was slow and at times predictable. I think with some work it could be a promising story.

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