Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New Review! Road Tripped (Ad Agency #1) by Nicole Archer 4 Cranky Stars

Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1)Road-Tripped by Nicole Archer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

I scooped up Road Tripped on a whim and it was the best purchase ever. I laughed and I swooned but mainly I feel in love with Callie and Walker oh and Leonard Nimoy too.

Callie has just escaped a relationship with a man who used his words to beat her down. Now she doesn’t know who to trust and mainly where to turn. She seeks out a friend who offers her a job at his ad agency. It’s a quirky place and she isn’t thrilled with it but she deals so she can pay to keep meals on her plate. The bane of her existence is Walker Rhodes. She can’t quiet say when she started hating him but she thinks he’s a manwhore and avoids him at all cost. When her friend gives her an ultimatum she sets off on a road trip with Walker in a old school silver RV. She doesn’t know if she wants to jump out into moving traffic or stick it out.

Walker is not arrogant nope he just oozes southern charm. He is an amazing photographer with an wonderful career ahead of him so why is he stuck with this dead end job? He tries to be nice to everyone, yet he can’t figure out why the spitfire of a writer loathes him like he’s a bad STD. When the other half of an ad campaign he is on bows out he is forced to work with Callie. Off he goes with his cameras and lenses and loads up with Callie. He realizes she is not what she appears on the surface and the trip takes some interesting turns.

This book came when I needed a good laugh. Their banter was hilarious yet the hurt underneath was just as real. You went on this road trip with them and you spotted places they go that maybe you have been too. I think everyone should take a chance on this book. You wont be upset and I can’t wait for book two.

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