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New Review! Shameless (Enemies to Lovers #5) by Michelle Horst 5 Cranky Stars

Shameless (Enemies to Lovers, #5)Shameless by Michelle Horst
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

I’m not ready!! Not even a little bit for this series to be over. It’s been heartache (Thanks Marcus) but it’s also about finding your happily ever after when you least expect it. Shameless finally gave us Rhett and Evie. I think it was the perfect end to this amazing series that captured my heart with the first chapter of the first book.

Rhett is the jokester he hides behind his persona and doesn’t let anyone but the guys and Mia close. He’s had a rough childhood marred with tragedy but him and Mia rise above it with the help of Mr. Hayes. One day he hires a cleaning service that employs topless woman and when the seemingly meek Evie walks in his whole thoughts change. He saves her but in the same breath he pushes her away. He starts to question his life when the rest of the guys grow up and create families. He has some unique tendencies and tends to stick to one night stands. He has an epiphany and sets out to make Evie forgive him.

Evie is homeless. Well she wasn’t always homeless. She fled her foster home and decided that living on the streets was better than what would have become of her had she stayed. Evie may look meek and helpless on the outside but inside she’s tough. When she meets Rhett she is intimidated but knows if she wants to get off the streets she better take his offer. She doesn’t plan to fall for him but when she does she flees. 6 years later Rhett walks back into her life. She knows her life is bad but she’s been reconnecting with her past and trying to make things right.

Oh. Em. Gee. I love Rhett and Evie. I don’t care that Rhett is a kinky dude. I just loved this series. I have loved all of Michelles work from the dark romance to this. She makes you feel for characters you wouldn’t normally relate to. I’m sad to see this end but I can’t think of a better couple to go out with. The epilogue gives you a little more closure. Can we get spin offs with the kids? I think that would be an awesome idea!!! Thank you for your words Michelle Horst you are amazing.

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