Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Review! A War of Hearts by Karen Lynn 4 Cranky Stars

A War of HeartsA War of Hearts by Karen Lynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Kristen is trapped in an abusive marriage. Her husband is her drug and she tries to justify his actions as he loves her and wants what is best for her. One day she is pushed to her breaking point and she flees. While is out contemplating her next move she meets Jake.

Jake is a starving artist. He works a series of odd jobs to make ends meet. His end goal is to have an art gallery where he can showcase his work. He doesn’t plan on meeting a very sad woman in the park but when he does sparks fly.

Logan loves Kristen in his own sad way. He thinks everyone should bow down to him and treats his marriage like it’s a joke. He sets off to Miami for a business deal and leaves Kristen behind. While his wife is trying to move on he is making some seriously wrong choices.

This book had a good plot. I could see the coming together of Kristen, Jake and Logan but at times I got a little lost. The head hopping as I call it kind of took me out the story even though the titles are listed as who’s story we were hearing. I felt these people needed some therapy and acted very immature. There was a lot of exclamation points going on in this story. I guess everyone was just yelling all over.

I haven’t really dabbled in love triangles before and I’m still not sure if they are my thing. I gave it a 4 mainly because I can see this being a very good story underneath all the other things going on and for being a debut author she had something good going on.

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