Tuesday, September 4, 2018

New Review! Only the Beginning by Daphne Dubois 4 Cranky Stars

Only the BeginningOnly the Beginning by Daphne Dubois
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Only the Beginning is a heartwarming tale of love at first sight. Its not as simple, peaceful, and easy as it is made out to be. The characters are not perfect characters and have real life struggles that they are handling.

I need to say first that I did NOT like that this entire story revolved around deceit and dishonestly. I was confused why Melissa had to pretend to be her ENGAGED best friend when meeting with Craig to begin with. Honestly I wish she had just been herself from the get go, but I also get why the author did it the way she did. There were parts of this story I was wanting to just yell at the characters and many times I just sighed. I could see their faults and wanted to tell them there’s a better way. But I suppose the characters had to learn that.

I did love the ease of the two characters. It was destined to be between them. That was undeniable. Despite their struggles and faults in their personality and lives, it was clear that fate had a big role in this story to bring them together. It was sweet at times and it was a chaotic mess at other times. All and all I give it 4 stars. Melissa and Craig are that mishappily imperfect perfection.

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