Tuesday, September 4, 2018

New Review! Song of Fire by Yolanda Allard 3 Cranky Stars

Song Of FireSong Of Fire by Yolanda Allard
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Cranky Stars

I had to sit on this review for a bit before I dove into writing a review. I have been on the fence about how I truly feel after reading this. Song of Fire, for me, was a mediocre read. The premise of the story is intriguing but the execution of writing the story was just okay. I had some irritable frustrations with the point of view the story is written in. It was a tad choppy and inconsistent with fluency in the first person present tense. It made it hard to smoothly read the story as it went along.

I have a hard time believing some of the characters in the story. For me, the realism is lacking. There wasn’t really a depth to the character’s development. The leading lady, Siren (and might I add an unusual yet cliché name to go alone with the plot), is a bit naïve and too accepting. It was kind of annoying and I really was hoping that I could be pulled into the story where I was routing for the main character. It just didn’t sit well with me that she went through such a horrific event in her life to suddenly be content with that and it doesn’t weird her out or her aunt and “sister” that she can set people on fire. If anything it would be more realistic that she was a mental patient and anyone with a right frame of mind would be long gone from someone that can combust you into flames with a simple melody. I guess what I’m trying to say is I didn’t believe the characters. Something in the development with making them realistic and making the concept of the plot believable was lacking in the charisma that this story could have.

The story, for me, was just lacking that finesse that draws you in and keeps you sucked into the world.

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