Tuesday, October 30, 2018

New Review! Brutal Curse by Casey L. Bond 5 Cranky Stars

Brutal CurseBrutal Curse by Casey L. Bond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Casey L. Bond has done it again. She has created a magical world this time filled with humans and Fae. This story takes you back to your childhood and the story of “Alice in Wonderland”. Remember when Alice fell down the rabbit hole, chased the white rabbit and met the wicked Queen of Hearts? Well, its all here in this wonderful story of love and hate and the Queen is even more wicked than that children’s story.

Arabella’s mother disappeared when she was young. She was left with her father and her older brother. Her father was mean and vengeful and drank. Her brother became the breadwinner and hunter. As Oryn got older, he was never home,however, Arabella rarely saw him bring back any money or food. This trip home was the last straw. After Oryn’s fight with his father, Arabella was determined to leave with him. She followed him into town and while there, met a man that would change her life forever.

Just north of town was a forest. The fae were said to rule these woods and their Queen allowed no human to enter. If caught trespassing and you were male, it meant death. Her heart was cold and cruel. Arabella had heard the stories but thought them fairytales to scare children. Of course, Oryn took her into this forest to hunt. She was setting snare traps for rabbits or squirrels. When a white rabbit became ensnared, she was so proud. Unfortunately, the rabbit escaped and Arabella foolishly followed it deeper into the woods.

Little did she know this would lead to a life or death adventure. Her faith in humans and Fae would be tested. Does she have the strength to survive the wrath of the Queen of Hearts? A spellbinding story with a lovely twist at the end.

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