Thursday, October 18, 2018

New Review! Clockwork Dollhouse by Jordan Elizabeth 5 Cranky Stars

Clockwork DollhouseClockwork Dollhouse by Jordan Elizabeth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

This is a quirky little steampunk tale of Karma. The main characters are the Mayor, his twelve year old daughter and her fifteen year old brother. Their mother has died under questionable circumstances.

Jane Pendleton was born with a deformed foot and has problems walking. Her father loves to tinker and made her a walker. To help her pass her days, he also made her a huge dollhouse. She has furnished it with remarkable toys. Alongside her father, they have created working miniature clocks and dolls with moving parts. Her brother feels she is too immature and shouldn’t be wasting her time. He is both ambitious and ruthless.

Years have passed. Father is dead and Robert is now Mayor. With ruthlessness and ambition he rules the town. However, one day his world is rocked when the alarms on the third floor windows ring. Someone has entered the mansion. In the old nursery, the guards find his niece, Ainsley. He has been caring for her in a country estate and only sees her when necessary. Questions surface as to why she is there but before he can send her back, he learns the estate has burned to the ground. He must keep her at the mansion.

With Ainsley’s arrival, strange events start to occur. The dollhouse in the nursery has reanimated. The clocks tick and chime. The dolls change positions. The governess swears that Ainsley is never out of her sight. Robert’s paranoia grows. Why are these things happening? No spoilers! This is a quick, can’t put it down short story.

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