Tuesday, January 21, 2020

New Review! Rebel Soul by L.K. Farlow 4.5 Cranky Stars

Rebel SoulRebel Soul by L.K. Farlow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Normally we see these troupes of this rich guy falling for the girl that is his total opposite and sure you can say Rebel Soul is that but it’s so much more. You see West may be swimming in money and has alpha tendencies but he has a heart of gold and a sense of humor and Stacia is a fiery fake red head with tattoos and piercings who is stubborn as hell but when she loves someone she loves with her whole being. Rebel Soul is their story and boy what a sweet sexy ride it was. I was cheering them on till the end. Heck I even swooned a few times especially when West carried her out of her sketchy second job like he was Richard Gere, and this was An Officer and a Gentleman.

Stacia has been dealt a huge blow. The life she used to know is in shambles and it has her family scattered and her dad sitting in the one place he doesn’t belong. After coming to terms with what she must do AJ suggests she rents a room from West and well that went over as well as baptizing a cat until Stacia learns it’s really her only choice. Stubborn and has huge pride thy name is Stacia. Upon learning what It will take to get her dad back home she sets out to max out the hours at work and takes up a second job. Let’s just say she applies to some interesting places. It’s one of these places that West really takes notice of Stacia and the feelings he has inside for her. West is rich like giraffe rich own a G wagon rich. He wants to help Stacia, but he knows that is not how she operates. When he learns the stipulations of his grandmas will he pitches a fit then comes to realize ok maybe I can make this work. Slowly but surely, he realizes that he wants Stacia to be that person. West woos her like no man before and those little feelings he felt before grow by leaps and bounds and now he must convince her this is the right idea to help everyone around them but it’s so much more than just a means to an end for both Stacia and West.

LK Farlow made me miss the days of going to an OB-Gyn and hearing that heartbeat for the first time. My baby is now 10 and there will be no more but just for a moment in time LK Farlow made me miss that. I adored these two they cracked me up. I also related a lot of Stacia I hate asking for help even from my own husband I guess just because of how I was raised. I also related to her because I freaking love The Grand Tour and the hosts and seriously the Eboladome has the best name.

West was a total hunk. I mean he could pull a Richy Rich and swim in his money, but he didn’t so how he turned out that way is beside me especially once you meet his parents. Vile humans are what they are. So, go go go read this book and you even get to see AJ and Brock too! Score! LK Farlow once again knocks it out the park with her small town romance.

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