Thursday, April 22, 2021

New Review! Guiding Gaia by Tish Thawer 5 Cranky Stars


Guiding GaiaGuiding Gaia by Tish Thawer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It takes place in today's world on Earth. The premise is that the world is in danger and Gaia, the Mother, Creator of all living things has been reborn to determine if her world is still worthy of life.

The story is basically told by Demi, the woman who must teach Gaia about the modern world and accompany her while she retrieves her seven hidden treasures. Sounds easy, right?? No such luck. It soon becomes Demi's job to save them from creatures called Crags, who are bent on stealing the treasures and ending the quest. Demi isn't sure why they were sent after them or by whom. As they travel from country to country retrieving the treasures, Demi is dealing with Gaia in the form of a moody teenager. Problem is, when too upset, Gaia's emotions trigger severe weather phenomena. Watching for Crags and Gaia's storms make this is a very tiring endeavor. Then when they get to Antarctica, Gaia falls for one of the geologists. Now they have a civilian trailing around with them. However, he has a way of calming her so Demi agrees to let him accompany them.

I realize the plot sounds strange but it was really a good storyline. It took a couple of chapters to figure out what was going on but then the pace picked up. Add this title to your to be read list and you can't go wrong.

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