Tuesday, May 25, 2021

New Review! Ryder's Summit (Mountain Top #3) by Savannah Maris 5 Cranky Stars


Ryder's Summit (Mountain Top, #3)Ryder's Summit by Savannah Maris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This is the story of Ryder and Natalie. It is part of the Mountain Top Series but each book is a stand alone novel. Some of the characters overlap. For instance, this is Ryder's story. Ryder is the son of Blu. His mother died when he was born and he was raised by his father and his Uncle Smokey. They are a tight and loving family that live and work together. Ryder has graduated high school and is now in college. The story jumps between memories and present day to make the story cohesive. I love the way this author can grab your heart and make you feel one with the characters. Their anger and pain is your anger and pain. Their bad decisions make you yell at them. But in the long run, they feel as alive as your next door neighbor. Relationships are very complicated as Ryder is finding out. A love for his long time friend Becky has changed since high school and they find that they are two very different people now. When Natalie enters the scene, Ryder is thunder struck. The ups and downs of this new relationship and his life goals are suddenly very important.

You must read this great coming of age story that will keep you engaged until it is finished.

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