Tuesday, June 22, 2021

New Review! The Trinity Ring by C.A. Bleu 4 Cranky Stars


The Trinity RingThe Trinity Ring by C.A. Bleu
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

This book is pretty good. It pretty much jumps right into it. No real back story that leads up to the now or anything. Zara is the main character. She is an Angel, a Trinity warrior woman. This is something that has been going on for generations. She is to help save human kind.

Zara lost her mom not too long ago and is still trying to get “over it”. She stays with her guardian Aron. Her best friend is Lilith. Zara is about to turn 18 and things are about to change drastically for her. So basically Zara is THE Trinity, that they have been waiting for and she has the MOST POWERFUL magic of everyone. The “Devil” Erebus is his name wants Zara dead, so he sends his MOST skilled assassin, Demitri,, to do it. The only problem is Demitri is fascinated by how powerful she is and how angry and destructive she got. Demitri went back and told Erebus who suddenly became very “happy”. Erebus told Demitri to wait for his call.

Now Demitri must befriend Zara. He must get her to like him and then break her heart. This will cause so much hate and all that power that Zara has along with the hate and anger will make Erebus VERY powerful. Does Demitri do what he is supposed to do? Does Zara do what she is destined to? Once she fulfills her destiny will she be a normal human? Her grandmother told her that at age 25 all Trinity women become pregnant but with Zara they were unsure of what would happen.

There is a twist. I will go ahead and tell you that Demitri and Zara overcome the odds. Read the book. It is good. It does keep you wanting to read. Hope there is another one.

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