Thursday, September 30, 2021

New Review! A Kiss of Venom by Beena Khan 5 Cranky Stars


A Kiss Of VenomA Kiss Of Venom by Beena Khan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

If you loved Beena Khan’s Dark Mafia versions of Beauty and the Beast, then you will love her retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

Ghislaine is an FBI agent who worked for her husband until an accident claimed his life. This accident left her in a coma for three years. After she awakes, she decides to finish the mission. That is until she meets her match in Tyrant Alexander Nikolaev. Then she is faced with the moral decision of kill him or let him into her life.

OMG the darkness of this book was amazing. This is why I am addicted to Beena Khan’s books. I love that she writes strong female characters. The book world needs more of that in books. Ghislaine may have been Sleeping Beauty at the beginning of the story, but by the end, she was a fierce warrior. Alexander may have been ruthless and vicious, but Ghislaine and Noura brought out his softer side. Beena Khan has a way of making the readers spellbound with each story.

I will definitely recommend this story to others, especially if you love dark romance and mafia stories. I give it 5/5 Cranky Stars.

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