Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! 12 Christmas Romances to Melt Your Heart, 5 Cranky Stars

12 Christmas Romances to Melt Your Heart
Marrying Mr. English, part 1 by Katy Regnery

I am slowly making my way through this beautiful anthology.  One hundred per cent is donated to charity for autism awareness.

Currently, this review focuses on Marrying Mr. English by Katy Regnery. I'm a big fan of Kate Regnery, loving the way she brings characters to life in ways we rarely see them any more. She builds a world you want to inhabit, make friends with the people in there, and be adopted by the English family.

This is the pre-equal, the backstory, where we learn how Barrett, Fitz, Alex, Stratton, and Weston came to be.  It's a chance meeting, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, between their parents: Tom English and Ellie Watters.  

Sparks fly, worlds collide.  The two are meant to be together.  Both recognize it, but true love never runs smooth.

This story is magical.  It had my heart thumping.  I cheered for Tom and Ellie the whole way through.  Their love bleeds off the page.  

Once you've recovered from this story, grab Breaking up with Barrett and discover the rest of the fantastic English brothers, and why people are falling for Katy Regnery.

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