Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Rip by Rachel Van Dyken, 5 Cranky Stars

This book is darker than the rest of the series, but it still owns my heart and soul.  

Maya Petrov has had a hard life, being the daughter of a ruthless Russian mobster; she’s endured tragedy, heartache, and lies at every turn, but keeps her head held high and pep in her step. 

When she finds herself as the newest “intern” to Nikolai Blazik, the mysterious and god like doctor, she’s thrown for a life-altering loop. Nikolai knows many secrets, secrets that could destroy Maya or himself, but either way, she’s strictly off limits to him. He finds her completely mesmerizing, which literally puts him in a deadly situation.

When our beloved Italians become involved, and open up our minds to what’s truly going on, it becomes clear that this is a much darker situation than we’ve seen with the Eagle Elite series, but out of the complete chaos that ensues, devastating truths are revealed. Maya’s been missing parts of her past, and when it’s slowly brought to life, you don’t know who she’s truly able to trust. 

RIP is considered a standalone, but I’d say if you haven’t read the Eagle Elite series, it’s a suspenseful way to enter the mafia world, and I guarantee you will be dying for more! No pun intended…ha! 

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