Friday, April 22, 2016

New Review! Invidious Betrayal by Shea Swain, 4.5 Cranky Stars

Aria is the inexperienced daughter of the town sheriff. Her dad is overprotective and overbearing when it comes to her. All Aria wants is to experience life and maybe kiss her crush but alas, Sheriff Cole has put fear in any boy sniffing around his daughter.

On Arias 18th birthday she decides to go out with a "friend" and her life is changed forever.

I can't emphasize enough that this book has some pretty dark subject matter that can be a possible trigger for some people. With that said Shea Swain's writing was impeccable and drew me in deep. I had to physically walk away to give myself time to regroup and refocus on many occasions. 

Aria Cole is naive, innocent and overly trusting at first. Her savior comes in the form of sexy and irresistable Ian Howl only she doesn't realize this at first. Ian is just a pawn in this game like Aria.

This Author writes characters that force strong emotions from you. You either love them or hate them. All supporting characters fit perfectly and for the most part the flow was fast paced and constant.

The only issue I had was a couple of slow spots that interrupted the flow of this story.

I can't wait to read more of Shea Swain's work as she is just that good.

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