Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Love Resisted by Maria Macdonald, 5 Cranky Stars

Holy. Wow. Maria has struck again! This time around, as the plot thickens, we delve into the world of Saul and Soph - two people who were undeniably meant for one another but circumstance and a hard headed man prevented them from achieving their HEA. Maria certainly pulled extra hard on my heartstrings for this book! 

Soph was the fun and quirky character from Love Reflection that made you want her as your best friend. Even after her attack there was a side to her that made you know she was a tough survivor. But it's not until this book that you see her for who she really is. As Saul amazingly puts it, "...knew you were strong; didn't know you were a warrior." And she is. Overcoming obstacles, an abusive mother, and a psycho hell bent on making her his own, Soph finally leaves home. But keeping secrets is a must, even from her three closest friends so she locked her past away. 

Saul was only a small child when he made a promise to always protect Soph and he certainly took that oath to heart. He was a peculiar, yet intriguing, character in Love Reflection as you didn't really get to know him until this book. Deep down inside he knows Soph is his ever-beating heart but outward? He's her savior. For years he's had to quell his own thoughts and feelings so Soph could rely on him and the others to be there. Her true family, stronger than blood. But one swift kick from Dane and his eyes have finally opened. 

As the two embark on a journey that rivals the most romantic of movies and books, Soph and Saul have to come to grips with the fact that their reality is about get checked. Secrets are revealed as Soph's past comes back for a fight of all fights and it's up to Saul, Dane, and Con to protect their girls and their family harder than ever before. 

Each book Maria writes slowly makes a home in my heart! She makes you fall more and more in love with her characters and makes you wish you were living each heart-clutching and powerful moment right there with the characters. Now I must go read Dane's book because if the preview of his story was any indication, I'm going to need tissue, chocolate, and rumor has it, a big giant fan! Whew! 

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