Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! On the Accidental Wings of Dragons by Julie Wetzel, 5 Cranky Stars

On the Accidental Wings of Dragons is a pleasure to read. Full of misadventure, dramatic scenes, romance and dragons.  The story is set in a modern time where humans protect dragons who can take the form of humans.  

The handsome elite guard, Michael, while on mission to discover the disappearance of dragons, finds himself captured and imprisoned.  

Near death, his luck changes when the powerful and very beautiful Carissa is thrown into the same cell.  She is able to use her magic to aid in their escape, but in the process Michael is spelled and struggles to maintain his self control. 

He swears to protect her, but she is no damsel in distress. Carissa seems to be the one to save them. 

Michael's troubles don't end there. He is framed for crimes he didn't commit and must find a way to clear his name.  

This was a wonderful read and recommended for all ages.

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