Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Out of the Blue by E.L. Irwin, 5 Cranky Stars

Horses, dogs named Jack and Jill, a dude ranch filled with cowboys, and a famous actor to boot?  What girl isn't going to love this?  But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to love about this book.

KatyBeth is a very spunky horse trainer who has grown up on a dude ranch, and is now part owner, as well as having the best reputation throughout the area for her abilities as a horse whisperer.  When our hero, aforementioned hot actor dude, first, literally,  runs into KB, she has just had quite a scuffle with a horse who isn't quite listening to her yet, and all she wants is a coffee and to get back on the road.  This all leads to a meet cute at its finest.

I have to mention the 80's music references....I love that this young girl even has a remote idea that Bryan Adams and Foreigner exist, let alone loves them.  If you are of an age to remember these bands, be prepared to be digging for cassettes (or at least searching YouTube) if they haven't made it to your digital playlist yet.

Asher, the hot hunk of famous actor fame, had been offered a movie that would require him to work with horses and needed the kind of ranch setting KatyBeth could provide.  He was ready to turn the part down until this little spitfire unexpectedly entered - and just as quickly exited - his orbit.   He pulls some strings to make her family an offer they can't refuse so he can have a chance to get to know him. Of course, there is the local boy she sees as a brother who wants her to want more.  Asher's entourage are interesting and quirky characters as well.  Ms. Irwin excels at making all the characters real, making it easy to find yourself completely engrossed in a sweet romance.

And then comes a huge plot twist I can honestly say I never would have seen coming, but I loved every bit of it.

This is a clean, Christian romance, so it is easy to recommend for almost any audience.  I left that tidbit for the end, because the story is so easy to get wound up in that you truly don't miss the things that by definition are left out of a clean, Christian romance.   I also didn't want to start with that because I know a number of readers will automatically pass on a book labeled that way, thinking it will be boring, preachy, or whatever preconceived notion that genre brings to mind.  This book is a pure delight!

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