Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Scattered Ashes by Annie Anderson, 5 Cranky Stars

Annie Anderson's debut novel is impressive. This is a wonderful paranormal story filled with love, loss, and the fight to survive.

Our heroine, Aurelia, is witty, tough, and has a lot of sass. Just the way I like them. She's an immortal seer and has been on the run for centuries, but the past has a way of catching up.

Her visions turn nightmarish and then she runs into Rhys, her protector. The same guy she's been avoiding for many years. Their parting was epic... but as new threats and enemies emerge on the horizon, they have to join forces.

This book has a cast of wonderful characters. Aurelia's best friend, Evan, is a particular favorite. She has her own powers and a temper to match.

If you like paranormal or just strong women characters, I highly recommend this book. Desperately awaiting the sequel.

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