Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! First Ride by Tara Oakes, 5 Cranky Stars

"Since when are bikers the good guys?... They're filthy as SIN." 
Dawson is a fighter. 

He fought for the presidency of the Slayers MC and is fighting the Conquistadors, a drug cartel that's threatening to move in on the Slayers territory. Dawson is a bad-ass ruthless killer with one weakness.... Molly, his angel.

Molly "Angel" Donovan has not had an easy life always making sacrifices for her family. She's determined to do things on her own despite Dawson's insistence to help.

How do you fight an unseen threat? That's what Molly is to Dawson's heart. Dawson is clueless when it comes to fighting himself. 

Tara Oaks is a new author to us and we look forward to reviewing more of her work. Although this story was shorter than expected and missing some depth in places I still felt pulled into the Slayers MC world and didn't want to leave. Even the few spelling and grammatical errors didn't take away from the story.

How can you go wrong with sexy bad-ass bikers and the strong independent women who tame them? We will definitely be recommending Tara Oaks to our readers.

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