Monday, May 9, 2016

New Review! That One Day by Josie Wright, 4 Cranky Stars


One day. 
One letter.
That’s all it took for my life to fall apart. Now all that’s left is deception and betrayal. I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know who to trust. 

So I leave, searching for the truth hidden behind a web of lies.

The only thing I take with me, besides a bag of clothes, is the memory of one night. That one night with Frankie, my best friend’s little sister. The woman I have loved as long as I can remember. 

The memory is what keeps me going when I learn the truth. It’s what keeps me sane when I feel like I’m losing my mind. And, it's what drives me back to a life I ran from eighteen months ago.

Yet, nothing is the way it used to be. Frankie has a secret. One that changes everything. Changes who I am. Letting her go is not an option. I have to make her trust me. I need to make her mine. 

But I have a secret of my own. One that keeps me awake at night. A secret that could make me lose Frankie forever. It’s not a chance I can take.

Not suitable for under 18's due to strong language, violence and sexual content

*Though this book can be read as a standalone, it's recommended to read 'That One Night' first to get the full picture.



Ben’s blindsided by the truths of his past, confused and angry. He pushes everyone he loves away, and bails out of town with not so much as a goodbye to anyone.

Given his grandmother’s home after her passing, he sets his sights on cleaning the place up. Along the way, he meets Allie, Jake and Mike. This hilarious and somewhat chaotic trio brightens Ben’s outlook on life, and he decides to try and make amends with loved ones, mainly Frankie, the girl that has forever held his heart.

Ben has a lot of wrongs to make right, and gets a huge shocker dropped in his lap along the way. Truths are revealed and broken hearts are mended, but is it too late to start over? Ben and his father’s memories and present situations brought absolute tears to my eyes. It makes you realize life isn’t perfect and to cherish what you have, because you never know if it’ll be there tomorrow.

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