Friday, June 17, 2016

New Review! Forbidden Rose by Vivian Winslow, 3 Cranky Stars

Forbidden Rose (Wildflowers Book 2)Forbidden Rose by Vivian Winslow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** 3 Cranky Stars ***

Forbidden Rose centers around Rosa Cruz and Eliseo Perez. It’s the second book in the Wildflowers Series and written in third person. I feel I need to say, I didn’t read the first one. I actually wished I had because it would have filled in some blanks and would recommend to others that they read book one before this one.

Rosa is in the process of opening her own restaurant in Miami and is having difficulty hiring a chef. She comes from a tightknit Cuban family and there are a lot of cultural references in the story, which I loved.

Enter Eliseo Perez, recommended to Rosa by her brother. Eliseo and Rosa grew up together, but haven’t seen each other in over a decade. Eliseo is unsure if he wants to leave New York for Miami. He’s running from a past he’d rather forget, but he makes the move.

Professional and personal boundaries between Rosa and Eliseo are crossed. The sex scenes are hot and steamy. Sometimes, I felt they were a little too many, and I would have preferred less. At times, it felt like the plot was stitched together by sex, but I digress.

There were parts where I felt bogged down with the details and found myself skimming. Then, strangely, there were parts which could have used more explanation, but it was not forthcoming. All in all, this is a quick read with a bit of suspense and hotness thrown into the mix.

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