Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Author Spotlight! Mason Sabre - Broken Snow

Broken Snow: A Society Novella

Money hunters. That’s what they call them. A bunch of underground vigilantes sweeping the area for anyone out of curfew or breaking the law.

Mel Morris, a snow leopard and self-proclaimed recluse, finds herself in more trouble than she can imagine. All she was doing was heading to town for supplies ... but ... catching the eye of one of the money hunters' spotters, Mel walks into a danger that she didn't realise had been following her all along.

There’s a secret, though. These money hunters aren’t just looking for criminals … they were looking for her. A shifter caught in a race, and she is the prize.

Broken Snow
USA - http://amzn.to/2e9QZkD
UK - http://amzn.to/2dWQ6w6

Snippets for Broken Snow
** Mel readied herself. She was fucked if he was going to get another shot in.  Her guts ached from where he had just hit her, and she was sure she could easily vomit again.  But she was not a quitter. She had to be smarter than him. He was big, tough, and stronger than her. She was small, but she was faster than him. She mirrored his pose, scrambling into a squatting position.
“Oh, gutsy,” he sniggered before lurching to his feet abruptly and thundering forward. As he reached her, his big arm came up, ready to swing at Mel.  But she was ready for him this time. She ducked, twisting herself into the gap between his legs and slamming her fist into his balls. It never mattered how big a man was - hit him there and he was going down. Ant howled and clutched his crotch, knees bucking. The crowd around them roared with laughter.
Xander clapped, delighted.  “Nice one, Snow. Bravo.”

** He leaned in even closer, his scent getting stronger. His leopard was there, as was hers. Her canines pushed against her lips and she fought not to fall into him. His hot breath grazed the side of her neck and Mel felt herself melting. A low growl sounded in his throat, before he opened his mouth, lightly scraping his teeth along the column of her throat, then gently nipping the sensitive flesh. Mel let out a little whimper and gripped his hand tighter.
“Nigel … stop,” she whispered.
She felt him smile against her. “Make me. Show me you don’t want this.”
He slid his other hand up along her back, and wrapped his strong hand around the back of her neck, holding her in place—proprietarily. He squeezed, bringing a growl from her own throat and making her throb between her legs. No. This wasn’t going to happen. But then he nipped along her neck, to her collarbone, gripping tighter with his hand, and Mel realised was in danger of completely losing her senses.

**:  Mel inhaled deeply, her senses alive. The scent of him as the steam rolled out of the shower was enough to drive her fucking crazy. She covered her eyes with her hands and resisted the urge to scream in frustration. This wasn’t how it was meant to be. Nothing was. As if she had become possessed with this deep need to watch him, she let her hands drop once more. He rubbed soap into his short brown hair, lathering it up and she watched as the suds rolled down his strong back. Jesus Christ, this was so wrong. She followed the trail of soap as the water washed it down … down to the dip in his back, across the firm cheeks of his backside. Her breathing grew more ragged and her lips parted involuntarily. Her leopard pushing thoughts into her mind that she didn’t want to entertain. She had resigned herself to the fact that she would have no one; it was better that way.
Even while she reminded herself of that, Mel’s canines descended as heat seared her body, igniting all the parts of her that she tried to keep tempered. She was fighting a losing battle, and Nigel wasn’t helping the situation. His rich scent called to her leopard. What would his skin feel like under her hands? Warm, firm … slick from the soap? Mel swallowed hard and tried to focus her mind.

** The arm around her middle grazed the underside of her breasts with each small motion as he lathered her hair. The tips of her breasts tightened, straining for more contact. God, she hoped he couldn’t see. She imagined his hands moving up to cup the full weight of her breasts, his fingers teasing the hard, sensitive points. Mel’s breathing grew heavy and heat washed through her, a hunger more intense than anything she had ever known igniting deep inside her. He stiffened behind her, his breathing growing harsh.
Colour stained her cheeks. Oh god, could he smell her arousal?
His thumb moved so that it lightly scraped the firm flesh under her breast. Mel bit her lip and swallowed a moan. The hand washing her hair stopped, and he hesitated for a moment. She knew she should move away now, knew she had to get away from his touch, but she couldn’t move.

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