Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Review! Before She Became A Lady by Wareeze Woodson, 3 Cranky Stars

Before She Became A LadyBefore She Became A Lady by Wareeze Wareeze
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** 3 Cranky Stars ***

I thoroughly enjoyed this period novel, as opposed to other pre-equals that I have read, this one is more than an introduction, it is a complete story, able I feel to be read as a stay alone.

The story was charming in the way that the author obviously did her homework regarding speech patterns of the time and knitting them into the story. It took me on a memory trip to my much younger self and Georgette Heyer books.

17 year old Laurel falls in love with Robert Laurenson, the Viscount Laningham. He believes her to be the love of his life and petitions her guardian for her hand in marriage and pushes for a speedy union before he has to depart for Spain and the war against Bonaparte.

Laurel is left at Landings, a brand new inexperienced bride and at the mercy of Robert's twin sister, Rhonda, a jealous, spoilt, spiteful woman. There is a dangerous jewel thief, duplicity, vicious rumors and so much more. I look forward to reading it's follow-up.

The story deserves a 4, but there are several jumbled passages that escaped the editor and proofreader's scrutiny and as such I am unable to fairly allocate more than 3 stars.

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