Sunday, November 13, 2016

New Review! Love Addicts Anonymous by J.C. Reed and Jackie S. Steele, 3 Cranky Stars

Love Addicts Anonymous: Part OneLove Addicts Anonymous: Part One by J.C. Reed
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** 3 Cranky Stars ***

First, I want to start this off by acknowledging that this is a series. This first installment is a quick, often hilarious and cringe-worthy read. These are some of my favorite things!

The story centers around Vicky Sullivan and Kade Wright. She's a love addict. He's a sex addict. Both of them are in denial. It was the denial aspect of this story, juxtaposed with their actions, which made this book come alive for me.

They're both forced into rehab and due to a new type of therapy, are forced to share an apartment.

Some of my favorite things: Vicky's letter to the Jane Austen Club, her absolute cringe-worthy antics in her quest for love, and Kade's, um, let's just say uninhibited behavior.

The reason why I've given this book a 3 star rating is because there is a lot of set up for the next installment. I get it. I understand. This is a serial, but in terms of reading this book - not a lot happens apart from the set up.

Even though Vicky is the proverbial bat-etc, I warmed to her. I've met people like her. Maybe not as determined as Vicky, but similar in taking themselves down the cringe-destruction-path.

As for Kade? Well, I have to reserve judgment. I only know the bare basics of what he's like as a person and, um, he's a sex addict.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter. This has the potential to be a fantastic series.

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