Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Review! Feeder by Eliza Green, 3 Cranky Stars

FeederFeeder by Eliza Green
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Cranky Stars

In a dystopian future, Anya and Jason suffer tragedy. As their hometown has been attacked by rebels and poisoned by radiation, they're relocated to Essention.

Jason is put to work, but a different fate awaits Anya. Put into the secretive adults skills programme (Arcis) at Arcis, which is heavily monitored, she meets other teens her own age. One stands out, Dom, who maybe equally as harmful as helpful.

The teens must compete with each other and earn their place in society by completing all tasks and getting to the top floor.As deeper secrets and mysteries unravel, there begins a race against time to get to the finish line: the ninth floor.

Feeder is part Hunger Games, part Maze Runner, and will appeal to readers in these genres.

This is a somewhat difficult review to write. Feeder has great potential, but it took me until nearly halfway through to actually connect with the story. It's large. It's unwieldy and some of this was unnecessary.

It started with a hiss and a roar, but then fell off the pace. There was a lot of material in the first part of the book that I felt could have been cut to keep the tension. I understand the necessity for setup, but thought that this could have been trimmed without losing any of the essential story.

Also, there was head hopping from character to character - sometimes in the same chapter. A lot of the speech tags could have been cut because they came repetitive and jarring. I also don't want to ever read the term: potted meat again.

Now, in saying all of the above, when the story hooked me - it hooked me.

The first forty percent was a slog, but the next sixty held my attention to the very end. I was impressed with how it all came together and am interested in how the series develops.

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