Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Review! Possession by A.M. Johnson 5 Cranky Stars

Possession  (Avenues Ink Series #1)Possession by A.M. Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

I read this book and held onto each word with gasps and sighs. At times I put it down and stared off into this distance just trying to make sense of how Declan and Paige must feel. This book came at a time when it was needed and I'm sad its over.

Declan suffers from a severe mental illness. He is an amazing artist who inks his portraits onto peoples skins and souls. Sadly all isn't well with Declan and he will lose hours sometimes days in the blackness of his own mind. He has always struggled and expresses his emotions in paints and other mediums seeing things in colors instead of traditional ways. Then one day in high school he meets Paige. She becomes a bright dot in his dark sky she silences the demons within.

Paige is the affluent daughter. House on the rich side of town and parents who will do anything to be noticed and stay relevant even if it means selling out their own child. Paige has an artist soul and wants to fly not content with her sheltered mapped out life. She meets Declan and instantly falls. She's not afraid of his demons and he helps her see her true self. If only her life was as beautiful and colorful as her soul.

This is the story of love and redemption. Of proving that what might be one Gods will or one Gods version of hell isn't that way for another persons God. That sometimes home is a person and it's where you should rest your head.

I truly adored this book. It was raw and honest and good. A.M. Johnson has truly hit home with this one.

"You make it easier to breathe"

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