Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Review! Rising for Autumn, Katherine McIntyre, 4 Cranky Stars

Rising for AutumnRising for Autumn by Katherine McIntyre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Alanna has been though a lot in her life. She's a powerful witch and is head of the Coven. She's faced lots of loss in her life but she shoulders so much blame for everything I'm surprised she can stand on her own.

Alanna has been dubbed the Ice Queen while people admire her hard work they are afraid to approach her or come to her with concerns. She feels she has no time for love or a life and dedicates herself one hundred percent to her work.

Samuel is a djinn or a genie as we know them. He has no control of his life and is forced to perform vile acts by those who control his lamp. Sam has seen some things in his 100 plus years on this Earth and has lost many people he cares for but it's one woman who haunts him most. His lamp has fallen into the hands of the Coven leader Alanna and she uses this as leverage for the impending war he once fought on the opposite side for. What Sam never expected was to see Alanna as more than a way to get his lamp back.

This book was by far the best out the three. It seems the author has learned from the past and toned down the descriptions and got the sex scenes in a steamy order. I think this book alludes to a fourth story and I can't wait to see what adventures happen next.

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