Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Review! The Edge of Life by Rachael Tonks, 3.5 Cranky Stars

The Edge of LifeThe Edge of Life by Rachael Tonks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** 3.5 Cranky Stars ***

This is the story of bad twin and even worst twin and a girl. Decisions must be made and those decisions will cost someone their life. Who to choose and who to leave behind?

Kailee is a 17 year old girl trying to be normal. Since the death of her mom her dad has retreated and started acting different. She's uprooted from her life one night by her dad and left on the doorstep of her dad's supposed friend. She has to live in this hovel and next door lives the Blackheart Twins. She's heard stories of their notorious life yet forms an attraction to them both.

Ryder the aloof cold hearted twin is feared by many. He's a skilled fighter and has no real emotions when it comes to his job. He's done bad things yet he cares very much for his mother. He's instantly attracted to Kailee but know's she's off limits. Zac is the more personable soft hearted twin. He pulls Kailee in and traps her in his web. He wants to rise to the top of his job and he'll do anything at any cost.

I wish I could have given this book more stars. At certain points it lagged and then it would pick up only to lag again. I had a hard time placing if this book took place in the states or somewhere else because words for objects and even sayings aren't words we use in the States. Also the constant use of trailer park started to work on my nerves. It was treated like it was the 7th circle of Hell and not all of them are that bad.

The ending just seemed to cram in some more drama and the story could have ended several times. I did enjoy the epilogue it was nice to see what actually happens and it made me happy to see it all wrapped up. I think with some tweaking this book has a very solid chance.

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