Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New Review! The Ward's Bride by Cecelia Mecca, 3 Cranky Stars

The Ward's Bride: Border Series Prequel NovellaThe Ward's Bride: Border Series Prequel Novella by Cecelia Mecca
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** 3 Cranky Stars ***

An arranged marriage between warring factions. English Knight, Sir Adam Dayne, is offered the prize of Langford Castle by his foster father. All he has to do is marry Lady Cora Maxwell, daughter of the Scot's Marcher Warden's daughter.

Cora is not a fan of the English. She has no intention of living in England and longs to return to Scotland. Hoping to discourage Adam's affections, she finds the opposite happens.

This was a fun, easy read over the weekend. It follows a well-worn path and fans of the genre won't be disappointed.

There were parts of it, however, that I squinted. It seemed to have incredibly romantic notions about that time period and English-Scot relations, but if you're looking for a short escape, I'm sure you'll enjoy this.

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