Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Review! Even Rhythm by S. Moose, 3.5 Cranky Stars

Even Rhythm (Offbeat #2)Even Rhythm by S. Moose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** 3.5 Stars ***

Even Rhythm is the conclusion to Offbeat and we see lot's of questions get answered. It's a book full of ups and downs. You hope for the best for Tyler and Bayleigh and the rest of their family.

Bayleigh is still struggling with the most recent upset in their life. She's living on her own and trying to make the best of her situation. Then one day she receives life altering news. She struggles to cope and wonders what the right thing to do is. Surrounded by Mandy and Seth she builds a support system and continues on with her life. She's still in love with Tyler but doesn't know how to take him back.

Tyler is living in California for his job. It's not where he really wants to be and that's back in Bayleighs arms. He finally decides to quit avoiding the inevitable and heads home. Once home he sets out to win over Bayleigh and earn his spot in her heart. They come together and they crash and they struggle but in the end will his perseverance win?

I wanted very much to give his book a solid 4 even a 4.5 but it was rife with inconsistencies that didn't link with book one. Plus at times there was no flow it just jumped from scene to scene without so much as a segue way. I had a hard time following the dialogue that I spent several times just going back and reading sentences. I also wasn't a fan of Bayleigh while I get why she did what she did she annoyed me with her wishy washy attitude. I just wanted someone to speak their mind and own up for once.

There was also touching moments between Bay and Tyler though. They loved each other with the force of a million suns. I loved the story underneath all the other items and the epilogue was touching and nice cherry on the sundae. I believe people would like this book if they are able to look under all the other stuff.

You might need some kleenex and will be cheering for them till the end.

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