Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Review! Groupie by C.M. Stunich, 3 Cranky Stars

GroupieGroupie by C.M. Stunich
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Five rockstars and one girl: Lilith Tempest Goode.

On the day from hell, Lilith has a chance meeting with one of the rock band members of Beauty in Lies at a gas station. Her father's just died, her Step-Monster has shut her out, she's just broken up with her cheating boyfriend and has no home, no job and no money.

Selling tickets at a Beauty in Lies concert, Lilith meets Pax, the lead singer of the band and wins a ViP pass.

There starts a poly-amorous relationship between broken people looking for connection. Told in multiple points of view, but with Lilith at its center, this work explores how an alternative relationship can be healing.

Once again, I think I'm outside popular opinion with this book. C.M. Stunich is a lovely writer and this book is well written, but I just couldn't connect to it. In fact, it took me nearly a week to finish it.

This is a big book. 130k words on the slimmest of plots, which is basically sad girl meets sad-bad boys and they have sex. This, of course, is fine, but after 394 pages, the novelty had worn off.

Also, with the multiple points of view, we get snippets of characters (apart from Lilith), but without many answers. I understand this is probably a hook for further works, but I thought it bogged the book down and didn't take us anywhere.

The sex scenes are hot and the rockstars, well, most of them, are lovable characters. I have to say though, apart from Lilith, nearly every other female character who is alive in this work is portrayed as competition or unlikable.

This maybe a case of it's not the book, it's me. So, I'll own it. This book wasn't for me.

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