Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Review! Her Final Watch (Lily Blanchette #2) by Marguerite Ashton 5 Cranky Stars

Her Final Watch (Detective Blanchette Mystery #2)Her Final Watch by Marguerite Ashton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Detective Lily Blanchette is back on the case. But this time she is in a personal crisis that could wreck her life and her career. While trying to figure out how to play the cards that life has dealt her, she has to solve the murder of an undercover cop.

The author has done it again with another beautifully written murder mystery. The action was fast paced and steady. Never a dull moment. There were a couple of times that I thought I had it figured out who was behind the murder. Jinkies! I was wrong again.

I really hope that this series continues. We need more strong female detectives like Lily Blanchette. I will be singing the praises of this book for months to come.

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