Thursday, July 5, 2018

New Review! Man Buns by Shari J. Ryan 4 Cranky Stars

Man BunsMan Buns by Shari J. Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

You know I’ve always said I wonder what a man version of Hooters would be like? Now let me be clear I probably wouldn’t go because male stripper type guys freak me out. I know I know what kind of woman am I? Well the awkward and nervous giggle kind of girl. In fact, I’m a lot like Kai plus Hooters has the best bacon cheeseburgers.

Kai has been taking care of her sister Lea since the passing of her parents. She has always dedicated her life to Lea and taking care of adult responsibilities that she has never even dated. She’s 28 and a lifeguard at the local resort in Maui. Her life is safe and comfortable but with her sister’s wedding looming on the horizon she is starting to feel alone. She meets a sexy guy and his adorable precocious daughter in the pool one day and her life takes a change. She doesn’t know much about Denver other than he sparks something in her. When she finds out he works at Man Buns she isn’t so sure anymore.

Denver is a single dad and a former Marine. He is trying to assimilate to civilian life and it’s not going so well. His friend lines him up a job at his new restaurant but fails to explain what kind of establishment it is. So, when Denver slips on those tight shorts all his pride goes out the window especially when he sees how much he makes. His thoughts keep going back to the lifeguard at the pool and how much she intrigues him. He sets out to capture her attention and bring her into the world of the living and the dating. They have sparks and they verbally spar and its magic. Plus, she just loves Aya his daughter.

This book had me laughing. I’m with Denver though who wants to eat a burger while there is man junk looking you in the face? Not me!! Reading him trying to wiggle into those shorts so reminded me of Friends and Ross and the leather pants.

Yet this book doesn’t really focus so much on Man Buns but the love story between Denver and Kai. You can’t help but love the 7-year-old going on 17 year old that is Aya. She is so funny and such a girl. Trust me her character is spot on because I am the mother to an 8-year-old who doesn’t realize she’s 8. Man Buns gives us laughs and swoon worthy moments and some drama. This is totally a book for a good fluffy read that will make you laugh and your heart swoon.

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