Thursday, September 27, 2018

New Review! Medicine Man by Saffron A Kent 5 Cranky Stars

Medicine ManMedicine Man by Saffron A. Kent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

The cover itself got me all hot and bothered! 🤣 As a social worker, I was immediately intrigued by the description. This story follows an 18 year old female named Willow Taylor who is in Heartstone, a psychiatric hospital. Willow hates being in the psych hospital. She doesn’t like to be in groups, doesn’t like her therapist, but loves lime green jello. Willow is confident she doesn’t need to be in the psych hospital, but knows that she is different from her family. She is the first in her family to be diagnosed with a mental illness. I loved that Willow was a Harry Potter fanatic and she was a bit of a nerd. She was also head strong and ballsy.

Simon Blackwell had a tough upbringing. Heartstone Psychiatric Hospital, is not a place that Simon wanted to be as his father is the founder of the hospital. Simon isn’t a hero; at least that’s what he thinks. Simon is Willows psychiatrist; her medicine man. Willow can’t stop thinking of Simon and his gorgeous sculpted body. Is Willow just “crazy” or can she get him to want her in return?

This book was well written. I was hooked from the beginning. The author did her research and tried to make it as realistic as possible. She does have a disclaimer that she couldn’t stick entirely with what was true in reality, but I think her portrayal of mental illness was close enough. This is my 3rd book I’ve read by Saffron A. Kent and she did not disappoint! I will continue to read anything she puts out. I highly recommend this book!

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