Thursday, February 28, 2019

New Review! Covet (Sinful Secrets #3) by Ella James 4 Cranky Stars

Covet (Sinful Secrets, #3)Covet by Ella James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Finley lives a very secluded life on an island called Tristan. She wears many hats and is quite loved. Sadly, her life had a tragedy that rocked her to her very core. Having lost both parents and living with her grandma for some time she is well and truly alone. She is trapped on this island since having a fear of boats and no planes can land on it. She grew up with stories of Charles Carnegie and his son Declan. When Declan comes to visit the island for the Carnegie Foundation she is enamored. She knows she shouldn’t be since her life is complicated and his life isn’t on this island. When they find themselves trapped in a burrow for a few days after tending to some sheep they become closer and start to slowly tell each other their secrets.

Declan Carnegie is a famous baseball player he is also an addict. He remembers the girl with flaming hair after his father rescued her from the ocean the very ocean that claimed her parents. With an injury and a knowledge that he really needs to get clean he finds himself on supply boat to Tristan with the excuse that he is there for the Carnegie Foundation to help modernize the island. He finds everyone here strange and different but it’s the girl with the flaming red hair that he falls for. He thinks he’s no good and that he shouldn’t corrupt Finley, but he is drawn to her. Over his time on the island he detoxes and thinks this might be the kind of life he wants. Yet when truths come to light, he wonders if he can spirit her away to a better life?

I truly liked this book, but I felt at times it was very wordy. If that makes sense. It’s a lot of story and at times I felt like I couldn’t tell you what the plot of the story was. I started getting really interested at the end when life was finally coming together. The island was almost like a cult and Finley was very naïve which I guess is par for the course when you have no real contact with the outside world. I found the island and its inhabitants very strange. I felt Declan’s struggle to get clean it was so real. He was truly a mess and I felt Finley became a different addiction to him. All in all, I really loved this story it was just a lot of story for me. I think if you like very detailed world and story building then this is your story.

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