Tuesday, March 3, 2020

New Review! Confessions of a Sheba Queen by Autumn Bardot 5 Cranky Stars

Confessions of a Sheba QueenConfessions of a Sheba Queen by Autumn Bardot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Well, Ms Bardot has done it again. Another fantastic tale in the historical fiction category. I admit I had heard stories of the Queen of Sheba, but this story made me research on Google. And, she is right on the mark with her research. In fact, one of the first adult movies I saw as a kid was “Solomon and Sheba” and I thought that was risqué. It was tame and used two fair skinned actors which was ludicrous. This book may be too sensual for some, but the actual love scenes are almost poetry as she writes them.

I could picture the deserts and the mountains, the oasis and the people as if I was in the book with them. Stories of jinni have always fascinated me and having jinni, oracles, seers and magicians in this land is believable. Afterall, these were people that worshipped a bull. Egypt at the time had many religious icons that were animals. When she met Solomon, one God was a strange way of thinking for her. I think this version of “Solomon and Sheba” would make a powerful movie. So, I encourage everyone to read this book.

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