Thursday, March 5, 2020

New Review! Desperate to Touch (Hard to Touch #2) by W. Winters 4.5 Cranky Stars

Desperate to Touch (Hard to Love #2)Desperate to Touch by W. Winters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

Alright! This one was much better. It traveled one path and didn’t jump around like book one. It was full of edge of your seat action and a few times I kept questioning how stupid Laura is because girl you are in danger. Anytime spent near Seth is hazardous to her health and mental wellbeing but love makes you stupid I suppose. Desperate to Touch takes place eight years later and right after book one where these two find each other again. Well Seth knew where she was, but Laura didn’t know where Seth was. This is that story. A story filled with truths and hurt and lies.

Laura was going through the motions. She has a successful job as a nurse at a psychiatric facility and a nice comfortable place to live. She makes friends with a fellow nurse Bethany and things seem to be going well. She soon realizes that Seth is tasked with following Bethany as a sort of security guard. All too soon they fall back into their toxic ways. Seth is angry and wants to punish Laura and Laura is just desperate to find the boy she loved under all that mean gruff exterior. None of this goes as planned and Seth soon learns that Laura is withholding vital information. Laura isn’t sure who to trust and puts herself in the crosshairs of an evil man once again thanks to Seth or so she thinks. She finds out a scary truth about her past and well let’s just say things go wrong. Very very wrong.

I did like this one more. I will always question Laura and Seth’s relationship. I know they love each other in their own messed up ways I suppose but man they aren’t good for each other. This book does take a trip into the S&M territory once again. I feel like Seth uses sex as a punishment to make Laura act right. I’m sensing the erotic part of this novel may be a theme for this author and that’s cool. I’m not sure if there is a series about the Cross brothers but they are major players in this book. This book ends once again with a big open question mark. I guess it’s on to book three to see what happens next!

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