Tuesday, February 23, 2021

New Review! Indigo by Paula Berinstein 5 Cranky Stars


IndigoIndigo by Paula Berinstein
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

This book was a really good book. Esther and her husband Melvin just moved to Carolina for new jobs but Melvin isn’t very happy. Esther learns that she just inherited a piece of property in England from an Uncle she never met or heard of. Esther doesn’t even know much about her grandmother until she goes to visit the property in England. She finds a book, a diary of sorts, reads all the entries and about time travel and how that may explain why the women in her family don’t necessarily die from breast cancer, even though it runs in the family. She takes the book back home with her so she can show her husband, who by the way is a Scientist. He gets happy about the discovery and they get heated in the moment. The next morning Melvin is off early to work at the University and Esther goes later that morning to try to get her job and goes looking for Melvin. She finds him in the lab with the book they start to argue and then BOOM. Esther ain’t in Carolina anymore, well not this century anyway.

The year of our Lord, Seventeen hundred and fifty. That’s where Esther woke up. She met Daniel, an esteemed gentleman who offered to marry a widow after she told him about her newly founded estate in England. But nothing ever goes to plan or is as it seems. Enters Daniels brother Jesse. Can you guess what happens when he’s asked to stay on Daniels plantation?

Esther Daniel and Jesse put up good fronts in front of everyone and lead their “owns lives” in private. Esther soon finds out she is not the only time traveler and has run-ins with some mean people. Esther becomes pregnant and her baby gets taken…...or does he/she. Really good book. I would recommend this book to others.

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