Tuesday, June 1, 2021

New Review! Magician Rising by Renee des Lauriers 5 Cranky Stars


Magician RisingMagician Rising by Renée des Lauriers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 cranky stars

This is a strange story with a strange start. It is about a world that has magic but doesn't know about it. The magicians are constantly being hunted by a group of magic hunters and then they are killed. It seems that magicians are crazy and harmful. They are evil personified. At least, that is what the hunters think. Then the scene shifts to a college and the story is about a twenty something college student studying hard and working part time. She lives in a dorm apartment with a crazy roommate and works at the local pizza place. Jun (pronounced June) doesn't want her college associates to know she is the pizza girl. She has no friends except her Dad. Strange things happen around Jun all the time but in her mind, she is just unlucky. She especially loves Chinese food but lately, the fortune cookies have given her strange readings. Soon, there is a strange man in the class who was never there before.

The rest of the story gets very bizarre. The reader will soon be in love with Jun and her dad. This is fast paced, easy to read and an all around fun piece of fantasy. I look forward to further books.

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