Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Life Interrupted by Yessi Smith, 5 Cranky Stars

An on the edge of your seat ride, Life Interrupted is Yessi Smith's debut into the romantic suspense genre.

Life Interrupted is an epic story of love and loss, the strength to get through it, and seriously creepy people that we might randomly encounter.

Holly awakens in a hospital bed with no knowledge of how she got there and who she is. Her body is battered and broken. It's a record of something bad happening, really bad, but she can't explain what it is.

The road to recovery is long. The road back to who she was before is longer. Her memories return in fragments, but the mystery of what happened and who did it remains trapped in the darkness.

With the help of her Poppa and her friends, Holly begins to rebuild her life. She meets a new man, Travis, and the future seems bright, but the darkness has a way of seeping into the present. And, the darkness has a name and face.

Yessi brings the emotional power of her romance novels into Life's Interrupted, combining it with fear and tension. If you like thrills, spills, and chills, we highly recommend this book.

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