Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Love Reflection by Maria Macdonald, 5 Cranky Stars

This book had me stunned silent the moment I opened my kindle. For a debut novel, Maria Macdonald blew me away with her deep, insightful characters, captivated me with her writing, and held my attention as I screamed, cried, gasped and laughed along side my kindle. This book is definitely one that needs to be read and re-read over again! 

Pearson, or Pea to her extremely tight group of friends- Soph, Con and Saul, is such a beautiful  but intense character. She hasn't had an easy transition into adulthood. Early on she's known a gut wrenching loss and heartache. She's had to overcome struggle and strife time and time again. But just as you think she's about to succumb to her grief, and the secrets she keeps, a light at the end of the tunnel comes along and makes her feel alive again.

Con loves Pea. Always has, always will. But there comes a time in your life when sometimes it's time to break things off when you're the only one giving your all. Having to leave the country, he sees it as an opportunity to put some space between him and Pea and cuts off contact. But his plan backfires because Pea is all he can think about day in and day out. After one in their group is attacked, he's more adamant then ever to get home to Pea and prove that they are a forever kind of love. But coming home isn't as easy as 1,2,3. 

With an interesting cast of characters, this book is exciting, refreshing, and the vast array of twists and turns as secrets and truths are revealed is astonishing. This book will keep your attention, have you gripping your seat as the story unfolds, and have you quickly one-clicking the next installment of this amazing series. 

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