Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Recognitions by Daniela I Norris, 4 Cranky Stars

This was a cracking good read. I sat down this afternoon and read it from start to finish with a few snacks in between.

The story centers around Amelia, a recent divorcee with two children, who has lost her enthusiasm in the aftermath of the end of her marriage. She's stressed. She's lethargic. She's got writer's block, anxiety, lost her confidence, and no enthusiasm for the tasks in front of her.

At the urging of a friend and colleague, Amelia makes an appointment to see a hypnotherapist and rediscovers herself or, in this case, her selves.

Under hypnosis, Amelia discovers the life of Adele Durand, a teenaged girl living in 18th Century France. Adele is on the threshold of womanhood and must make the choice of doing what is right or what her heart tells her to do.

Amelia recovers her passion and enthusiasm. Looking through the lens of Adele, Amelia gains a different perspective on her own life and begins to excavate herself from the rubble.

Enter: Noah. He and Amelia reconnect under less than auspicious circumstances. He might be a second chance. He might be the opportunity to rectify. He might be more than that, but he teaches Amelia lessons about seeing past the gilded wrapping to the treasure underneath.

Amelia unearths a third life - that of a shaman in a small village in Africa. He is both crucial and apart from village life. He is also at the point of contact and stands on the threshold of fundamental change.

Being on the cusp or at the threshold is something that binds all three characters in their lives: Adele is at the start, Amelia in the middle, and the Shaman at the end. Each hold lessons: some old, some new, and some that need to be remembered.

The author did a fantastic job of interweaving the lives of characters in this story. I looked forward to each point of view as it unfolded. Different points of view and alternative timelines are some of my favourite literary devices and the pace is perfect.

One of the other things I particularly enjoyed were the places the author noted. I'm familiar with Geneva and Lyon is one of my favourite places. I now have a hankering to go back.
I'm certainly looking forward to Book Two in the series. In saying that, I think the author did a great job in tying up loose ends in this book, leaving a satisfying ending, but also enough to continue with.
A special thanks to THE Book Club for allowing me to review.

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