Friday, April 22, 2016

New Review! Regress by S.F. Benson, 4 Cranky Stars

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Regress is set in the not too distant future and in a dystopian Detroit. Ravaged by illness and war, the people are governed by an oppressive regime known as the New Order.

Part of New Order’s keystone policies is to vaccinate its citizens at the age of seventeen. It’s predicated on health and safety, but it has more sinister overtones, especially for ‘creatives’.

Symbolically, art and artists have always been the point of subversion and resistance in society. Dangerous when the powers that be want conformity.

The main female lead, Tru Shephard is fast approaching her seventeenth birthday and she’s a creative. She is aware of the rumors – if you’re a creative the vaccine changes you. It takes away your creativity.

Tru’s desire to avoid the vaccine and loss of her sense of self sets her on a path, not just of personal rebellion, but discovery.

A chance encounter with Zared Aoki opens Tru’s eyes to the world around her and the possibility that you do not have to accept your fate.

As long-buried family secrets are revealed and the body count mounts, Tru is unsure who she can trust as her life and the lives of those she loves hangs in the balance.

This is an impressive debut novel from S.F. Benson. She is a strong writer and her work is full of enthralling characters.

I loved the diversity of the cast in this work and how the author played with moral ambiguity.

There are times when you can feel this is the debut novel of the author. There is a lot going on in this book from the symbolism, conspiracies, and key concepts the work is grounded on. Also, there were parts of the work where I wanted more and other parts that could have been condensed.

This book will appeal to YA-dystopian fans and those looking for a cast of strong characters.

I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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