Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Review! Texas Heat: A Stone Brother Series (Malaki) by Cree Nations, 2 Stars

Texas Heat: A Stone Brothers Series (Malakai)Texas Heat: A Stone Brothers Series by Cree Nations
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

*** 2 Cranky Stars ***

Malakai and Liberty are childhood sweethearts who have never stopped loving each other. When Malakai is forced out of town by a deranged sheriff, he's given the option of prison or the Navy. He chose the Navy, of course, but never stopped seeing Liberty. So many things were going on in every page of this book. It was extremely difficult to keep from being confused. First, there are so many characters and POV's that it was difficult remembering who was talking. I'm all for books that involve the whole family but when you add friends and the whole town it really takes away from the fact that the book is supposed to be about Liberty and Malakai. Second, Names changed and timeliness were messed up. Third, this book needs a serious edit. Almost every page has either the wrong words or double words. For example the word "no" is put where it should be "know". That's just one example and I did double check to make sure that I received a final published copy. I think that Cree Nations has a vivid imagination and a talent that could be great. The premise of the story is great. But, the characters need some development as well as the timeline and flow. All in all, I would love to see this book go through a serious Alpha Edit at which point I would love to re-review it. I do believe this author has what it takes to be a best seller, but she needs to tighten up the story, edit, and polish the execution. View all my reviews

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