Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Author Spotlight! Excerpt - Lena's Security by BSM Stoneking

Excerpt: Lena's Security

Lena will never admit to her friend Amy that she is secretly envious of her. She wants what Amy has, a loving husband, and two wonderful children, but she’s got to catch someone’s eye first.
Lena has her eyes set on both of the security guards at her job, but she can't find the courage to ask either of them out. There’s no way those two, stone-chiseled men don’t have a girlfriend.
After realizing Lena likes both of them, one of the security guards catches her in compromising position. The thought of how much trouble Lena could get into and possibly lose her job brings one word to his mind, blackmail. 

Please note: Lena's Security is currently free on Barnes and Noble, and on Smashwords. Amazon will price match it.

Lena's Security has also been printed into a limited edition book. There were only 997 copies of this book printed. Once they are gone, absolutely NO more will be printed. This exclusive book can only be purchased directly from BSM.

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