Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Review! Franco (Bright Side, #3) by Kim Holden, 5 Cranky Stars

Franco (Bright Side, #3)Franco by Kim Holden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** 5 cranky stars ****

Franco Genovese...Hello book boyfriend!

Kim Holden has done it again! She's created characters who come alive and jumps at you across the pages and make you fall in love with them. This book is full of soul and the author's sweet heart pours out in every word. You become part of the story and go for the ride with the characters until their heartache becomes yours...and their joys become your happiness.

Our main man, Franco is the drummer for Rook band and best friend to Gus. He's a free spirit and believed that "Life is what you make of it. You grab destiny by the horns and make it your...well you know".

One fateful night, he came across a beautiful girl in leopard print being shamefully ignored by her date. Being the man that he was, Franco managed to capture the girl's attention and found a kindred spirit.

Gemma wore her heart on her sleeves and lived to please people and make them happy. But held a secret she was determined to keep. When Franco discovered what was hidden, he sets out to make Gemma's dreams a reality. Hearts get involved. 

I devoured this book in a day! So many wonderful lines...

I refuse to give anything away other than please read Bright Side and Gus beforehand. Bright Side alone is a life changer. Kudos to you Kim Holden for hitting another ball out the park and yes assumptions are the antichrist.

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