Monday, January 16, 2017

New Review! Mastering The Art Of The Three Ring Circus by A. Wilding Wells 5 Cranky Stars

Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus (Wild Things, #2)Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus by A. Wilding Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

I love A. Wilding Wells more than cake! In fact she made me realize that the circus is more than creepy clowns. It's full of handsome ringmasters, fantastical performers and the gentle beasts that they tame.

Theophile lives in small town Wisconsin. She resides in a tree house and works at the local animal shelter. She is also the town pariah. They shun her because they believe she committed a grievous sin and that sin caused her to accept a crazy offer in exchange for her freedom. Her mother threw money around the town to buy their affection. This wicked woman also hated her daughter so much she would take piece by piece until she was a shell of a girl. A girl who was going through the motions of surviving but not truly living until she met Wolfgang Valentine.

Wolfgang Valentine is quirky and eccentric yet surprisingly normal. He's a second generation candy maker and comes from a circus family. He lives in the town castle with his ailing grandmother named Duchess who at one time was the best tight rope walker and his 16 year old free spirited daughter named Bubble. Oh I forgot he has a trusty pygmy elephant in his castle as well named Queenie.

When Wolfgang and Theophile meet sparks fly and Wolf would do anything to have this girl. Even help her break the offer she accepted because you see they are entangled deeper than they know. Wolfgang loves he loves with his whole being and wants to have a woman by his side to share all his heart and family with. Together they set off on an amazing adventure right in Wisconsin full of love but deeply shrouded mystery.

I adored this book and it's unique story line. It came at a time when I was in a major book funk and was well received. I thought surely at first this wouldn't be for me so I put it down a few times but once I committed to it I was sucked in from the second chapter. She weaves a mysterious story into a love story yet still maintains the originality. If you like unique and quirky stories full of magic places and spunky characters this author won't disappoint you!

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